We are completely focused on healthcare – this is not a side business or something we dabble in.  Medical real estate takes a singular focus to understand the needs of the community and serve those needs in a manner that brings about the best outcome for each stakeholder.  Having a long-term view and a singular focus provides the depth of knowledge and commitment to deliver the service befitting doctors, hospitals and dentists that care for our communities.

For over 20 years, our team has been working in the healthcare real estate field, with all stakeholders, through multiple cycles and healthcare delivery models, which has allowed us a wide range of expertise to apply to your individual and unique situation.  As owners of healthcare real estate ourselves, we can back up the statement that we “think like an owner” and not just use it as a marketing statement.

Thinking like an owner applies to our representation of tenants as well.  When we work with tenants to develop their strategic plan for how and where they will utilize real estate, we also need to understand how to best execute that vision for them.  Execution requires delivering results to our tenant clients. To bring about the best outcome you must understand the way landlords and tenants each approach the situation and their goals – a great plan without execution is worthless.  All deals should be a win-win to foster collaboration and to create great long-term relationship.  Success is a team game.

Core Values


Without trust, there is nothing.  That applies to our clients as well as our internal team.

NPV (Net Present Value)

In each decision we make, we must evaluate the short term and long-term effects of our decision.  We must always be looking at the long game.

As The Owner

As opportunities arise and problems present themselves, we start the conversation with the idea of what we would do, As the Owner.  With that framework, we ensure our client always has advice on how we would proceed if we were in their shoes.