The Book Club

The Master

This is a book review on The Master By Christopher Clarey While most of the books I have read this year are business focused, the most recent read was on Roger Federer. I’ve played tennis most of my life which made it a more interesting read on someone we have seen on the court so …

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This is a book review on Rest by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang. So, reading this was a search for validation to not work as much and rest more.  Or as my wife interpreted the book on my nightstand, proof that we need schedule more vacation time.  That is the simple takeaway and, yes, that did get …

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The 50th Law

This is a book review on The 50th Law By 50 Cent and Robert Greene. Bryan’s Notes: We know 50 Cent from his music and headlines so it was great to get a deeper understanding of his story – he has gone from a street hustler to an international star and successful (though volatile) businessman. …

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