Michale Yang, DDS INC

MedWest Realty was my last hope trying to sell my dental condo. I had listed with two other agents who although had experience didn’t live up to their reputations. The first agent held a open house on a holiday weekend and had zero shows… go figure. The second one was very passive and didn’t give me any confidence in his skills. MedWest Realty was the last guy on deck – who was recommended to me from a colleague. They were always honest… sometimes brutally honest. There were some moments of struggle but you knew they are always constantly working for you. [The CEO] Bryan is a very intelligent individual with the right mindset for his line of work. Thanks for making it happen for me… can’t thank you enough for navigating around some potential land mines. There are some sharks out there waiting to take advantage of situations. You definitely want him on your side.