Brokers Who Dominate

This is a book review on Brokers Who Dominate by Rod Santomossimo.

Bryan’s Takeaways from the Book:

At this point, I have been in the medical real estate industry for about 20 years, but I have no doubt that there is always something to learn from someone and that I have a LOT of learning still to do. Rod has great material out there and, from the limited amount of coaching of his that I have been exposed to, he is really good for a lot of commercial real estate folks and especially brokers. I have enjoyed his material.

While the book is somewhat dated now (when it references some of the ideas that were newer 10 years ago like social media), there are still a lot of traits that you can pick up throughout the brokers profiled in the book, and most of what is in there is evergreen. It also walks through the DOMINATE acronym that is in the title of the book. For me, there were several reminders, new approaches to consider, and great takeaways from the book on how I approach things for our clients and our team. For all the young brokers that have been working from home or haven’t had enough contact with successful brokers, read this book. For seasoned brokers that need reminders, a fresh approach/idea or to have some of the things we do break down instead of innately moving through our week, month, or year, this is worth the read.