The Gap and the Gain

This is a book review on The Gap and the Gain By Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan.

Bryan’s Notes: This book that was gifted to me by Kellie which I presumed was a book about business, but it turns out it is a book about happiness.  While the concepts can certainly be applied to all sorts of aspects of our lives, happiness is the main theme throughout.  It is about seeing where you have come from and not where you could still go.

This is a simple picture of the concept:

Bryan’s Takeaways: We all spend so much time in the “could” or “should” mindset – knowing what potential exists – but that robs us of seeing and celebrating what we have done and where we came from.  It is a balancing act to draw on the aspirational of what could be while appreciating what progress, growth, or gains you have actually made.

The book goes into detail on how to combat being in the gap and proactive steps to stay in the gain.  Like most great concepts – the idea is easy to grasp but the implementation over time is the challenge.