The Chameleon

This is a book review on The Chameleon By Merrick Rosenberg.

Bryan’s Notes: Great book if you have ever been exposed to the DISC profile system. The author is the person that personified each profile into a bird which finally allowed me to remember my own DISC profile as well as catalog others (and have a decent guess on those people that I do not have profiles on). A lot of good reminders of things I have heard over the years about management styles, conflict resolution, and interpersonal styles/relationships that are brought to light in the book through story telling. A quick read that was definitely worth it.

Quote: Value who you are instead of dwelling on what you are not. Self-acceptance is the first step toward releasing the power of your special gifts.

Quote: Who you think you are creates your identity. Who you think you are not creates your limitations.

Quote: …that uncomfortable zone is where growth occurs. It is also where adventure resides.

Quote: When you believe that others are only capable of what their personality might predict, you limit what they can do and who they can become.

Quote: Accept yourself fully and you will be free of the need to be accepted by others.

Quote: We can spend three things in life: money, time and energy. When we invest our money , we seek to maximize our return. When we spend our time and energy working on personal growth, shouldn’t we expect the same? Developing our strengths provides the best return on that investment.

Quote: Experts typically suggests that positive feedback should be specific, timely, encouraging, sincere, impactful, and regular. … However, the true power of positive feedback occurs when people receive praise that triggers their natural hardwiring.

Quote: We judge ourselves based on intention, but we judge others based on behavior.