The New Kings of New York

This is a book review on The New Kings of New York by Adam Piore

Bryan’s Notes:  Super interesting read about one of the most famous cities in the world and some of the biggest and most prominent real estate projects there.  While I don’t know the city intimately, the projects are so well known that it is fascinating to hear the back story of them and the cast of characters that surrounded them.  I will definitely be looking at the city and buildings differently next time I visit. 

Bryan’s Takeaways:
– Vision separates someone from the pack.
– When recourse is the only option, take stock.
– Leverage is always a two-sided sword.
– You can have the right vision but the wrong timing and get ruined.
– The deals you do are just as important as the deals you don’t do.
– When you can’t make sense of the value somebody else is placing on your asset, it’s time to sell.