The Bottom of the Pool

This is a book review on The Bottom of the Pool: Thinking Beyond Your Boundaries to Achieve Extraordinary Results By Andy Andrews

Kellie’s Notes: For someone who hates to swim, I am terrified that I will truly end up at the Bottom of thePool. However, Andy Andrews introduces you to what the “Bottom of the Pool” thinking represents in his book “The Bottom of the Pool: Thinking Beyond your Boundaries to Achieve Extraordinary Results”. Spoiler alert–it is NOT drowning! By going to the bottom of the pool, you are actually levitating your thinking, and not just the very typical way of thinking outside of the box. Throughout the book he illustrates ways to:

  • To not only be great, but how to aim for the best.
  • To “think beyond traditional boundaries to produce extra ordinary results”.
  • To recognize that something can be true, but not the truth.
  • The question causes deep thought, not the answer. “The quality of our answers are determined by the quality of our questions.”

Kellie’s Takeaways:

I loved it when Andrews transitioned to help you discover how to compete in a game that your competitors do not even know is being played. Now we are talking!! He helps explain this by pushing you to think of your obvious greater value (“OGV”). He states “the degree to which you will ever be financially compensated is inexorably linked to the OGV that you create for someone else.” What is your OGV….well, READ THE BOOK! (I actually listened to it on Audible and it was engaging and entertaining.)

Final thought, on thinking…. And while I am trying to quote him, remember, I was listening to the book, so these may not be exact quotes: “bad thoughts, can lead to bad choices, bad choices yield bad situations. Good thinking can lead to good choices which yield great life situations…..Your thinking is the root system that will lead your personal growth to align with every God given dream and hope you have.